Integrating mission & finance to move nonprofits forward

The Claverack Advisory Group pushes non-profit leaders to integrate mission and finance throughout their organizations.
Non-profit CEOs, CFOs, senior program and development leadership, financial function staff, finance and audit committees, and boards should embrace cohesive short and long term financial and mission goals. These goals need to speak to the fundamental, existential questions facing every organization: ‘What would it look like if we didn’t exist?’ and ‘Why it is important that our work continues?” These questions cannot be answered without a clear understanding of the inextricable link between finance and mission.
Our contributors all have experience working within the “belly of the beast” at non-profits as key players in various organizations’ financial function and leadership teams. Through the articles and whitepapers they have written over the years, as well as the webinars and presentations they have given, our contributors offer a wealth of experience about the lessons they learned in those roles and insights on the sector as a whole.
The goal of the Claverack Advisory Group is to turn organizations’ awareness, understanding, and clarity of goals—both mission and financial—into definable action. In today’s competitive environment, it is no longer viable for organizations to continue trudging along on a financial treadmill. Instead, organizations must fully integrate their financial functions into mission decisions and prioritize strategic mission investment if they want to be successful in the present and sustainable into the future.

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