The Claverack Advisory Group has partnered with organizations dedicated to a wide range of missions:

“Driving change and urgently building and improving justice systems that ensure fairness, promote safety, and strengthen communities.”

—Vera Institute Of Justice

“Delivering high-quality accounting services to the New York nonprofit community by providing clarity to the reader of a nonprofit’s financial statement, enhancing funders’ confidence to give, and enabling clients to focus on their mission to better society.”

—Kiwi Partners

“Paying bail for New Yorkers who can’t afford even modest amounts, and who would be jailed or forced to plead guilty just to go home.”

—Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

“Providing strategic advice, management assistance, and capacity building services to New York City nonprofits working to fight poverty and advance social justice.”

—CRE (Community Resource Exchange)

“Empowering learning and innovation that result in more sustainable and resilient urban environments, and changing the way people think about energy, sustainability, and resilience by engaging and educating a diverse set of stakeholders and beneficiaries.”

—Solar One

“Working with the poor, the isolated and disconnected of all ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities to promote social and physical well-being and encourage growth, self-reliance and dignity throughout every stage of life.”

—Stanley Isaac's Settlement House

“An independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit research and policy organization dedicated to the success of all young children.”

—Institute for Child Success

“Providing a full continuum of treatment and care for New Yorkers living with chemical dependency and mental health issues.”

—LESC (Lower Eastside Service Center)

“Providing inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn, and Grow using the power of teams for coaching, teaching, and inspiring youth to recognize their potential and realize their dreams.”

—Harlem RBI

“Providing a genuine and intimate context for art making and strengthening local community by increasing social and cultural capital through inspiration, promotion and creation of contemporary visual and performing art.”

—The Wassaic Project

“Creating new pathways for economic mobility in America through an innovative approach that breaks the cycle of poverty by leveraging existing financial resources with opportunities for education, counseling, training, and support.”

—Single Stop USA

“Serving as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of the people in our community on their paths to secure and prosperous futures.”

—Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC)

“Using innovation and partnerships to enable low-income children and families to take steps toward bright futures, free from the cycle of generational poverty.”

—Sheltering Arms

Long-Term Affiliations & Engagements

We’ve worked with the non-profit organizations below in financial management leadership roles, board and finance committee roles, and as long-term clients. In these financial function positions, roles, and engagements, we used the financial function to strategically define and build a sustainable business model that would increase the probability of programmatic, development, and mission success. We set out as partners with organizations to achieve long-term mission goals, most often through some combination of:

  • building and strengthening organizational leadership
  • stabilizing the organization’s financial position over time
  • expanding development capacity
  • diversifying revenue streams
  • building program initiatives and opportunities into fiscal year budgets and forecasts
  • developing or expanding research and evaluation capacity
  • educating key players on the importance of unrestricted reserves
  • making more strategic decisions on spending rates
  • clarifying the meaning and importance of long-term liquidity
  • evaluating the impact of debt over time
  • auditing the cash and liquidity resources
  • investing in the mission investment
  • working closely with the Programs Department
  • clarifying long-term financial goals

Communicating the financial function position, goals, options, trade-offs, and decision-making process through budget narratives and conversations with CEOs, finance committees, boards, and Program staff was also a critical component to these engagements.

The organizations listed below represent a multitude of missions, industries, organizational sizes, short- and long-term strategies, and financial positions. There was no method to choosing any particular missions, and there was often limited expertise on our part—certainly initially—in understanding the programmatic components of the mission. Yet all of these non-profit-organizations had and/or continue to have the potential to be leaders in their industry and therefore have positive impacts on society. We were in turn motivated by a curiosity about the impacts of their missions and by a desire to have the organizations achieve tangible, sustainable results in the long term.

Vera Institute of Justice (COO/CFO and Vera Fellow-Business Planning)
Council on Foreign Relations (Director of Finance)
Spence Chapin Services to Family and Children (CFO)
Meet the Composer (Executive Vice President)
International Center of Photography (Controller)
Maret School (Business Manager and Geometry Teacher)
Jobpath (Treasurer)
Economic Mobility
Columbia County Historical Society (president Emeritus)
Time & Space Limited (President and Treasurer Emeritus)
Workforce Professional Training Institute (Chair and Treasurer Emeritus)
Center for Family Life (Treasurer Emeritus)
Berkshire Taconic Center for Non-Profit Excellence
Stanley Isaacs Center
Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC)
Grand Street Settlement
National Young Farmers Coalition
Single Stop USA
Institute for Child Success
Wassaic Project
Solar One
Sheltering Arms (Formerly Safe Space)
Prison Public Memory Project

Shorter-Term Affiliations & Clients

The organizations listed below are clients we have worked with on shorter-term, focused assignments, including as subcontractors. Our involvement with these organizations included clarifying the metrics used to produce financial reports, searches for CFOs and Directors of Finance, evaluating financial function infrastructure, and working to improve understanding and communication of financial reports including audited financials, budget forecasts, cash flow analyses, and big-picture reports regarding what it all means for the financial function and organizational decision making.

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
Hetrick Martin Institute
CRE (Community Resource Exchange)
Building for the Arts (formerly 42nd Street Development Corporation)
Community Service Society
The Foundling
DREAM (formerly Harlem RBI)
Kiwi Partners
Robert Lewis Stevenson School
Lower Eastside Service Center
Scenic Hudson
Berkshire Taconic Foundation