The Sustainable Nonprofit Business Model Depends on Mission Independence

by | Jan 24, 2020

Can your organization keep up with the challenges of building a sustainable nonprofit business model that can define, measure, and ultimately meet long-term mission goals? Join nonprofit finance expert, Russ Pomeranz, for a dive into the definition and benefits of operating on a mission independent business model.

In this session you will learn how mission independence positively impacts the financial sustainability of the business model by:

  • Attracting long-term capital investment after a long-term research and evaluation process
  • Attracting long-term, diverse revenue streams to fully fund programs over time (and cover indirect costs)
  • Getting long-term, strategic plans into the fiscal year budget
  • Taking advantage of opportunities as they arise with a coherent mission impact story.

This webinar will remain available online through Blackbaud. To view the presentation, click here:

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